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The Roots  and Wings Project works with a variety of world-renown artists including: actors, writers, musicians,  painters, and spoken word artists. The Roots and Wings Project engages with artists committed to bringing forth their highest creative prowess to the work, accessing truth and collectively creating a work of art that stops time and elevates the spirit.       


We are honored and grateful for the incredible collaborations with profoundly gifted artists such as Takeema Davis, Will Young, Eva Minemar, Tony Lepore, Matthew Tondag, Rosemary Griggs, Rashida Clendening, Moe Irvin, Jennifer Chien, Geoff "GG" Gallegos, Pitch Like Masses, Carla Vega, Jeremy Mascia, Dez Hope, Marcenus Earl, Marie-Francoise Theodore, Romi Dias, Elvis Nolasco, Michael Sheppard, Gisla Stringer, Christina Frias, Patricia Zamorano, Laura Davila, Lynn Elishaw, Sigrid Gilmer, Tamika Simpkins, Kila Kitu, Brandon Hunter Harrison, Ricky Saenz, Selene Santiago, Alfie Ebojo Numeric, Lyn Gaza, Ebony Anne Blaze, Tylana Renga, Fanny Franklin, Ramy El-Etreby,  Gia Scott Heron, Gloria Balsulto, Taylor Lytle, Laura Davila, Ella Turenne, Taylor Lytle, Geri Silva, Big Ern Shepard, Inside OUT Writers, Mindy Volasco, Jimmy Wu, Diane Rodriguez, Rose Portillo, Tamar Halpern, Sheila Govindarajan, James Kyson, Lamar Glover, Ramona Gonzales, Dolores Chavez, Marcos Najera, Brenda Banda, Federico Patino, Kristina Leach,Mildred Luis, Nina Mascia, Tamar Halpern, Roger Mason, Russell G. Jones,Federico Patino, Larry Powell, Gia Scott Heron,  Ser Anzoategui, Mildred Lewis, Romanowski, Miriam Piniche, Jaques C. Smith, Josefina Lopez, Kat Evasco, Juanita Chase de Lamont, Hilaria Larriva, Ricardo "Boogie Frantick" Rodriguez Jr. Raisa Donato, Rachel Greenhoe, Tobias Tubbs and so many bless-ed more.  


We are incredibly grateful for the heavenly gift of collaboration, for in this coming together we are collectively able to open hearts, expand minds, and tell powerful, much needed stories that disrupt false narratives and dismantle bias. 

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