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Founder/Artistic Director

Jesse Bliss is an international playwright, director, producer, poetess, and actress with her work featured at the United Nations, prestigious colleges and theatres throughout the country, and in several films and documentaries including an Emmy Nominated segment.   She is Co-Producer and Co-Host of THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE Pacifica Radio 90.7 FM, a show that addresses all matters of mass incarceration. She is author of the celebrated graphic chapbook I LOVE MYSELF GOLDEN, written for the incarcerated and loved on both sides of the walls. She conceptualized the RAW shows MATRIARCH,  WOMEN AT WORK, LUMINOUS STREETS and THE JOY RIDE. Currently, she is in pre-production with The Roots and Wings Project's upcoming World Premiere, THE JOY RIDE, a show that delivers out of a vintage convertible with support from LA County Creative Recovery and Community Partners. 



Associate Producer

Gabriela López de Dennis is an award-winning storyteller—writer, producer, director, actor, content creator. She has been working in the arts and entertainment industry for over 20 years. Gabriela is the owner of the design studio, Soap Studio Inc., and one of the co-founders and CEO of Lone Stars Entertainment, an independent production company that produces films, videos and web content. She recently co-produced the Women at Work virtual performance (which included a work in progress she wrote), The Joy Ride mobile, outdoor, multi-disciplinary show, and the Matriarch outdoor performance, for The Roots and Wings Project with its founder and creator of these projects, Jesse Bliss. She was invited to perform in and co-curate the event, Frankenstein 200: 4 Women at the Villa Diodati, as part of the El Camino College’s award-winning program, “Art of Science/Science of Art,” created by Betty L. Sedor.

She is a producer and writer (episode ‘Where Did All the Color Go?’) on the award-winning digital series #HighlandPark. She is producer and co-creator of the award-winning documentary short series Overcomers, which was aired on PBS/WORLD Channel (Episode 1: Jasmine). The series was produced for the American Graduate initiative and made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NALIP. Gabriela also produced the pilot episode of the digital series she wrote and directed, Hoop Girls, an official selection and nominee at the 2017 Official Latino Short Film Festival (New York), based on her stage play. Hoop Girls was originally developed through TeAda Productions and Center Theatre Group, and was part of the [Inside] the Ford summer readings at the Ford Theatre. It had a full production at CASA 0101 Theatre in Los Angeles, a workshop production at Rutgers University in New Jersey, a reading by Amigos del REP at the San Diego Rep, and was part of Center Theater Group’s Boyle Heights Theater Tour in collaboration with CASA 0101 Theater. Her latest project to be released is the sci-fi short film she wrote and directed, Are You Still There?, also based on her stage play. Gabriela was included in Remezcla’s list of “10 Latino Filmmakers You Should Know.”



Re-entry Coordinator

Tobias Tubbs is previously incarcerated and was given a youthful offender death sentence---L.W.O.P. (Life Without the Possibility of Parole) but through a commutation, he was pardoned and released after 30 years. He is a fierce advocate for the rights of those formerly and currently incarcerated. As a keynote speaker, artist, author, and mentor, he teaches resiliency and the importance of The Arts when it comes to healing individually and collectively. Tobias is currently working on multiple projects: He is the lead of of the healing through narrative/art with Wordsuncaged. He is a community partner with Theater of the Oppressed with Professor Brent Blair (USC) where he appeared in the starring role of the play PAUSE. He is a consultant for LACOE, and he produced the DTLA Site-Specific Theatrical Tour LUMINOUS STREETS for The Roots and Wings Project. He is an advocate of both arts and healing and is using his freedom to change the world.

BOARD of directors

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Founder and Artistic Director, The Roots and Wings Project

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Development Director, Plaza de la Raza

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Senior Project Manager, EAH Housing

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Advocate, Innocence Project

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