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New Works In Progress

A sharing of new works by powerful writers. 

Each artist is in a different stage of development, thus calling on a variety of needs ranging from hearing the work to opening up audience feedback or questions. As we consistently overcome extreme obstacles in a misogynistic society, the evening is constructed to provide creative and safe space for writers to nurture and grow their work. Unstoppable and in Solidarity.


Kristina Wong developed her show SWEATSHOP OVERLORD in WOMEN AT WORK and was honored as the first Asian American to be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


This production has been running since 2014. The latest 2020 virtual production was dedicated to the late and great, Roots and Wings collaborator Diane Rodriguez


Some other featured writers from WOMEN AT WORK include Mildred Lewis, Sigrid Gilmer, Josefina Lopez, Gia Scott Heron, D'Lo and so

many more. 

Live Painting by Alfie Numeric


Created and Directed by Jesse Bliss 

Produced by The Roots and Wings Project, Jesse Bliss and Gabriela López de Dennis

Now available for bookings. Click here to contact us for more information.


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