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When the face of death illuminates
the truth of life

TREE OF FIRE is a play written and directed by RAW Founder/Creative Director Jesse Bliss that has been on its journey since 2009. Excerpts of the piece have been performed at UCLA, Theatre of Note and S.P.A.R.C. @ The Old Jail in Venice, and a full staged reading was presented at the former Lincoln Heights Jail. The play had recently had a staged reading at Occidental College, UC Santa Cruz and a full run at The Rosenthal Theater at  Inner-City Arts. 

When a Magnolia tree catches fire in an aged and ominous women’s prison, three female inmates forgotten and left to perish are jolted as their lives are threatened, into memories of their past that inform the truth of their souls and the urgent need to expose the inhumanity of the prison to the world.

"...A powerful play that expresses the rage women feel imprisoned by the limits of men's conscience... An authentic voice comes shinning through with poetry and courage."  -

-Josefina Lopez, Screenwriter & Playwright 


"Tree of Fire" sings and screams for those who have no voice. It's a modern day "Trojan Women" that leads us on a mythic journey into the minds and spirits of incarcerated women.  We meet women who are separated from their families, from their lives, from time itself.  Never self pitying and often very funny, this piece takes us into the soul of their experience.  Style and content are boldly woven together to give us an intimate encounter with the heart of the imprisoned." 

-Leon Martell, Screenwriter & Playwright


The 2013 world premiere production at Inner-City Arts‘ Rosenthal Theater in Los Angeles featured powerful cast Romi Dias, Miriam F. Glover, Julanne Chidi Hill, 

Lizzie Peet and Hansford Prince.


Written and directed by Jesse Bliss. Produced by The Roots and Wings Project and Quality Collective.  Original music by Jesse Bliss, Fanny Franklin and Geoff (GG) Gallegos. Sound Design by Martín Carrillo. Projections by Lyn Gaza. Illustrations by Brandon

Hunter Harrison.

Click here to contact us for more information on how to bring Tree of Fire to your theater or college.

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