She's Wide Awake Shining Light...

 Streaming October 15, 16,22,23

7PM PST | 9 PM CST | 10 PM EST

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"[The Roots and Wings Project]

creates transformative/therapeutic experiences through the arts, specifically theater. Their soul is thoroughly connected to the most vulnerable and overlooked in humanity. Their light is brilliant and heart is full of capacity to love, heal and empower all who support

their efforts." 


~Tobias Tubbs, Words Uncaged

"A true spirit for using the arts, theater, writing, and more as healing and transformative

for community." 


~Luis Rodriguez

"As a writer, my life has been transformed by Jesse’s creative vision. Her background as an educator is very clear in every encounter. She knows a variety of styles and guards against sloppy dramaturgy and cultural appropriation. She proves the lie that diversity isn’t possible."


~Mildred Lewis, Chapman University Professor

and Playwright

"A Record of Light by

Jesse Bliss is a Delight! An enchanting and thought-provoking tale about destiny, performed brilliantly by a passionate ensemble of

physical misfits who light up

the bookstore."


~Josefina Lopez

“A wonderful night of theatre in downtown Los Angeles with Luminous Streets, an immersive DTLA theatrical tour, from the force of nature that is Jesse Bliss and the Roots and Wings Project. Reminiscent of some of the fun we had with experimental theatre in the 60's and 70's, as well as the agit prop shows from Teatro Chicano, Luminous Streets is a tour of five downtown locations, each the site for a new piece from a talented bevy of writers, all women, delivered by an equally talented stable of actors and performers. The audience is asked to walk to each different location in a six-block radius, including the Last Bookstore, King Eddie's Bar, and at one point on a street corner. At each interval we meet different characters in short dramatic vignettes, giving us a panorama of life on the streets and in these times. Every stop offers a fresh take on living in LA.” 


~Tomas Benitez, Latino Arts Network

" Being in Jesse’s class has helped me grow through the rough times in my life and helped me become the person I am now.  I witnessed other students being impacted by Miss Bliss’ lectures and her inspirations. I saw how emotions were released, how incredible stories were told, and the young voices that were silenced being loud. I constantly tried taking her classes as much as possible until I went to college. The connection I have with Jesse Bliss is strong. I never met a strong and independent person like her because of Miss Bliss, being part of the Roots And Wings project is what kept me going in the area of theatre. Through this company one

can see the amazing, deep, and inspirational stories being told through the plays that the Roots And Wings project have produced. I had the honor of assisting many of RAW’s shows. In one of the plays I helped out, "Luminous Streets", (“an Immersive Theatrical Tour of DTLA”) I had the blessing of witnessing the audience in awe and moved by the performances not knowing what to expect at first when I checked them in. I saw the excitement that a child would feel when they know they are going to an adventure of the unknown. I’m inspired by how something like a play and a tour can send a powerful message on the streets. The Roots and Wings project is an important theatrical company that

helps those to understand oppression amongst women, gives voices to the minorities, expresses spirituality and awareness."


~Karenth Octaviano, The Roots and Wings Project Intern

THE JOY RIDE Pandemic Play Performed out of a vintage convertible. Contact us for bookings.

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