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"Meeting and working with Jesse in her writing workshop was a transformative experience. She has the talent, skill and grace to navigate the room and regardless of what stage you're at in your writing - she makes you feel at home, valued and part of something much, much bigger. As a result of taking her class, I met many other special and creative people in my community and - I finally gathered the courage to write my book and look forward

to publication of it this coming year!"

      -Megan Morgan, Yoga Practitioner

“I really enjoyed what this workshop had to offer. It showed me a part of myself I honestly didn’t know existed. I will now using writing as a coping mechanism for future experiences I may have. It showed me a non-forced way to express my thoughts.”
      -Mia Jimenez, ROOTS TO SKY

        Youth Program 

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“This program was very interesting and helpful to me. During the workshops, I was able to work with others, which helped me in improving my creativity in writing. The activities in the workshops also helped me improve my writing skills, which I thought was very helpful. This program helped me in terms of my creativity and skills in writing.” 
      -Kengrong Mei, ROOTS TO SKY

       Youth Program

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"Ideas may stay just that until you take one of Jesse's workshops. Her uncanny ability to create a space filled with trust and in the spirit of collaboration makes it possible for any a number of creatives to arrive with an idea and come out with a strong thesis, strategy and new friends to help you make it a reality. The confidence she projects, her strength and conviction, her genuine care with each participant translates into many magical moments throughout the session. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to move from point A to B in their work."
      -Evi T'Bolt, Photographer &

       Owner of Gather L.A.

educational programs


The Roots and Wings Project is dedicated to cultivating unique creative expression in all people.  We offer workshops for a range of audiences including teenagers, adults, women and professional artists, and those being held in incarceration


Workshops allow participants to cultivate and express their voice, recognize any obstacles to growth, and uncover untold stories using the power of writing and acting. Veteran Educator Jesse Bliss has extensive experience teaching in public schools, jails, museums, universities, homeless shelters and community arts institutions.


We also create Study Guides with accompanying workshops to enhance the experience and deeper the understanding of theatrical productions. We offer paper packet curriculum as well. 



This 8-week creative writing workshop summer series is for high school students to cultivate their creative voice. Exposed to the work of great artists and inspiring exercises, participants develop their own work. Each workshop includes free writing, focused writing exercises, sharing each other's writing, then closing with a word or phrase checkout. The workshop series culminates in the making of a chapbook that is a collection of pieces written by students in the workshop series.Supported by TahDah Foundation and Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture and Community Partners. 


Men and women being held in incarceration participate in a workshop series. Participants are exposed to the work of great artists, inspiring/resonant exercises and games, improvisation, and commedia del arte practices. Each workshop is comprised of a large writing component including poetry and playwriting. Participants bring their writing to life using theatre.

The I LOVE MYSELF GOLDEN series culminates in the sharing of the participant's work inside the facility with peers, staff and loved ones. Cal State's Prison Project, Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural, Poets & Writers and Unlock Tomorrow are partner organizations with The Roots and Wings I LOVE MYSELF GOLDEN.


A workshop fusing the healing modalities of light work and creative writing in collaboration with Healer Yesenia Cordona. This artistic and spiritual laboratory activates clarity, heart-connection and inner-freedom to bring forth new perspective and creative offerings.


A workshop for female artists to further connect to, communicate with, and honor creative force.




The Roots and Wings Project creates custom exploration guides for plays as well interactive audience installations. The guides come complete with tailor-made fun and engaging exercises and activities. This helps both young and adult audiences connect deeper with the subject matter of the play.   



Founder and Creative Director Jesse Bliss offers private workshops where participants can dive deeply into their work, visioning a clear trajectory of the message as well as obstacles and a plan for creative execution. 

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